We are debt experts.

We provide a focused & global debt advisory & delivery service for any technology business.

Ready to get your business debt?

We are debt experts.

We have access to a global network of funds who are ready to give you debt.

Ready to get your business debt?

We are debt experts.

We have delivered over 350+ successful global business debt deals to date.

Ready to get your business debt?

We work with funds and clients across the globe to create growth opportunities in the technology sector by delivering business debt.

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What we can do for you?

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    We will deliver a debt deal that works for you in just 8-12 weeks!

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    We will seek out the best deals for you through our global network of funds, unrivalled knowledge and available time

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    We will seek out the best deals for you through our global network of funds, unrivalled knowledge and available time

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How you might use business debt

Icon - Bridging Loan

Bridging Loan

Do you have a time sensitive event driven finance need or want to finance an exit?

Icon - Extend Your Cash Runway

Extend Your Cash Runway

Do you need extra cash for your business to deal with unforeseen challenges?

Icon - Organic Growth

Organic Growth

Do you want to scale your business?

Icon - Share buy back

Share Buyback

Do you need to make your company more financially attractive?

Icon - Acquisitions


Are you looking to increase the value of your enterprise by acquisition?

Our Clients

We have delivered business debt solutions for a broad range of technology businesses

Our business debt portfolio experience

We have delivered business debt funding solutions to clients with a variety of venture capital investors

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“Fuse Capital’s experience working in the private debt market gave us confidence that we could source the growth funding we needed without restrictive covenants or diluting our equity. The process of working with Fuse Capital was professional and easy. They were committed to getting the deal done and their knowledge of our business and industry and the debt market meant they produced a high quality investment memorandum.”

Working Voices CFO Stephen Furner

“Fuse Capital went the extra mile in putting together our investment memorandum. The result was a highly detailed, realistic and marketable proposition. I’m convinced the level of detail Fuse Capital put in led to our swift receipt of term sheets.”

HealthTech CFO Ian Bastow

“I liked the fact that Fuse’s team was more than happy to roll up its sleeves and do the work, Fuse Capital’s services complemented our management team’s expertise, so we could focus on the most important issue at hand… running our business.”

Rezatec CEO Patrick Newton

“Knowing who to talk to and what to talk about is Fuse Capital’s significant value-add. If I had phoned a private debt fund direct, it probably would have taken me a month to get hold of the right person to speak to. In fact, it can take years to build the types of relationships and trust that Fuse Capital already has. And then 3-4 months to convince the debt fund of the merits of the proposition and to secure a deal.”

KRM22 CFO Karen Bach

“Fuse Capital massively reduced the amount of work the executive team and I had to do. The firm knows its market and took on all the research. Knowing which lenders are relevant for your business can save you a couple of days per provider.”

HealthTech CFO Ian Bastow

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